Madden 18 Ultimate Team: The Gauntlet Unleashed

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Wondering if The Gauntlet Unleashed is worth spending more time doing Ultimate Team solos? Confused about how to unlock the Premium Qualifier event? Yeah, I was too so I missed out on the first week of the action. After seeing folks tweet about all the elites they were pulling, I wished I had unlocked the Premium Qualifier.

Not too bad for doing some solos. Unfortunately, they are NAT which stands for NON-AUCTIONABLE/TRADEABLE. You won’t be able to flip these cards for coin but does give you a solo option to pick-up some elites. Here’s what you need to know about this weekly event in Madden Ultimate Team.

The Gauntlet Unleashed Open and Premium Qualifiers

Gauntlet Unleashed

First off, the Gauntlet Unleashed solo challenges have a weekly theme. The first week was the NFC East and the second week is the AFC West. The opening challenge gives you a player you can use towards meeting the requirements to unlock the premium qualifier. We’ll get to how to unlock the premium qualifier in just a sec.

Gauntlet Unleashed

From the Gauntlet Unleashed menu you will see a few options. The open qualifier and premium qualifiers are available Monday through Thursday. There are 7 challenges to beat in each qualifier. Once you complete those, the open championship and premium championship are available on the weekend from Friday to Sunday. You can do both series if you want to but the premium challenges will give you the best rewards but also require a bit more work.

How to Unlock the Premium Qualifier

In the screenshot above, it tells you to activate chemistry at tier 1 for each of the teams in the AFC West: Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers. You have to hit tier 1 on all four teams. To do this, you need at least 3 players from each team in your active line-up. Once you have 3 players from each team, you should look at the chemistry details to see tier 1 listed for each team and the premium qualifier will be unlocked. You can just buy silver players from the auction house or in weekly theme packs if you are short on players from the division or theme requirement. Be warned, the challenges get increasing more difficult as you go further.

Gauntlet Unleashed Tier 1

Notice it says Tier 1 for the Raiders and Chargers

I should note that you might have to move WR or CB’s to the #1 or #2 spot in the depth chart to get the chemistry to activate. It would not work for me in the WR 4 or 5 slot.

If competing in the head-to-head weekend league is not your thing, completing the Premium Gauntlet Unleashed challenge is the way to go for picking up some NAT elite players.

Post your Gauntlet Unleashed rewards in the comments section below.