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The second to last Madden 18 Gauntlet Challenge was the most difficult for me. Maybe it won’t be for you – and if you follow this guide it should be pretty easy. Of course, my way isn’t the only way to complete the challenge but it works….so let’s get to it.

Beating the Second to Last Madden 18 Gauntlet Challenge

Madden 18 Gauntlet Challenge

Here’s the deal. You have to face off against All-Madden Matt Ryan and the Falcons for one half without giving up more than 8 points AND scoring 3 TDs. If you give up more than 8 points you fail. It is on Simulation Game Mode so it makes things a bit more difficult because of errant passes and random drops.

You can turn the accel clock off if you are worried about running out of time.

The key is to find a play on offense that you are comfortable with knowing the reads against any defense. The CPU will mix-up their coverages from time to time between man and zone. Find a play that works well against both.

I choose the Verticals play out of the Shotgun Bunch formation. Almost every offensive playbook has some type of shotgun bunch formation (mine is the Saints).

I ran this play almost exclusively to beat the challenge. The only change I make is to audible the HB to an out route to the right. This will be your read if the defense is in man.

Most of the time the “B” receiver will be open unless it is some cover 2 flat play. Quickly throw to the “B” receiver and either run out of bounds or lay down to avoid being hit.

Remember, this challenge is on All-Madden so the CPU will get some really lucky plays because the game is rigged. In order to minimize the amount of time you waste on this challenge, just run out of bounds or lay down because the CPU is looking to hit stick you.

On defense, you should mix up your coverages. I found that going from switching between cover 3, cover 2, and man was helpful than just sticking with the same coverage. I made coaching adjustments to aggressive pass rush and user the defensive end on the right side of the screen. You want to try to force a sack or even better, a sack fumble.

If you can make 2 stops you should be good to go – and just run your go to play on offense to finish off the challenge.

Check out this video to see exactly how I run the Shotgun Bunch Verticals play to beat the challenge.