20 Days of GOATS Ultimate Team Solo Challenges

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20 Days of GOATS

“We shall name them BABY GOATS” said the unknown EA Madden developer that came up with the name being used to describe this special series of Madden Ultimate Team cards. Such a a shame to insult Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice by minimizing their GOATness. They are really getting carried away with this GOAT stuff.

GOAT was even a drink on the menu at the Madden launch party.

Back to the challenges.

20 Days of GOATs

The challenges start today. It’s two challenges per day for a 24 hour limited time. This series will run through September 13th. This first challenge is for the Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice Cards below.

Very simple challenge. Simply win the game. These challenges are on the ARCADE game style which makes it nice and wacky. You will have some nice highlight reels in these games.

The baby GOAT cards themselves are not very good but may be an upgrade for you if you are just getting started. Otherwise, these baby GOATs can be used in the GOAT collections to upgrade your GOAT players.

Pro tip: These challenges are best played with “DRAIN CLOCK” set to on to get them done as quickly as possible.

Want to learn more about Madden Ultimate Team? Check out the basics of Madden 18 Ultimate Team.

Barry Sanders Challenge

Baby GOAT Barry Sanders

Win the game

Bonus Goals and Rewards

Get 184+ rushing yards and earn 1,000 coins

Jerry Rice Challenge

Baby GOAT Jerry Rice

Win the game

Bonus Goals and Rewards

Get 241+ receiving yards and earn 1,000 coins

That’s it. Then you get to repeat the process for the next 19 days if you want to get all 40 of these baby GOATs.

Day 2 Update:

The day 2 baby GOAT challenges are for Deion Sanders and Tom Brady.

Brady and Sanders

Deion Sanders

Win the game and return an interception for a TD (bonus).

Tom Brady

Win the game and pass for 388 yards (bonus).

Day 3 Update:

Baby Goat Day 3

Ray Lewis

Win the game and pick off the CPU (bonus).

Bo Jackson

Win the game and rush for 221+ yards (bonus).

Day 4 Update:

Day 4 Baby Goat

Randy Moss

Win the game and catch 3 TDs (bonus).

Ronnie Lott

Win the game and return an INT for a TD (bonus).

Day 5 Update:

Day 5 is a repeat of Day 1 with Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice.

Day 6 Update:

It looks like they are just going to recycle the challenges over and over. Today’s is for Deion and Brady again. Although the bonus challenges are slightly different.


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    Mike 4 months

    So is the GOAT set coming back? Or am I just fucked being 2 medals away from a player??

    • STuDS0N

      It was just for the 20 days. There are other ways to get the Baby goats – can buy them in auction house or I believe there are packs for them.

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