Madden 18: Preview of New Offensive Formations

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It seems like the playbooks in Madden from year to year are very similar but with a few changes based on trends in the NFL. The Wildcat formation was added after the Dolphins had some success with it under Tony Sparano. The Pistol formations have become more popular over the past several years as well. Yesterday, gameplay designer Anthony White gave us a glimpse of some of the new offensive formations coming to playbooks in Madden 18.

The first group of offensive formations have some interesting sets out of shotgun. The most exotic is what they are calling the Gun Monster and Gun Monster Stack. This formation looks a lot like the “Star Wars” formation the Bengals ran last year. Notice how there are just three lineman in front of the QB – the center and two guards. The tackles are lined up outside with the wide receivers.

Madden 18 New Offensive Formations

And here’s what the Bengals ran…

It’s safe to say the “Monster” formations will have a lot of screen plays. I could see this formation causing problems if the man coverage assignments glitch out. As described by Jon Gruden, this formation takes advantage of the numbers game. If only 3 defenders line-up on the side with the three receivers and the lineman, then Dalton throws a screen to that side. If the defenders look light in the middle of the field, Dalton will hand the ball off to the RB.

None of the formations in this second group look too fancy. The stack plays should work well against teams that like to press with their DB’s.

Madden 18 New Offensive Formations

What I’m hoping to see is some changes on the defensive playbooks. Last year it seemed there were very few formations with unique plays – most the of the same blitzes could be found in every formation.

We’ll find out what else is in store very soon.