Madden 18 Offensive Playbook Formations List

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Madden 18 Offensive Formations List

Madden 18 Offensive Playbook Formations List

Unlike the defensive playbooks, the Madden 18 offensive playbooks have undergone some changes. There are new formations added to Madden 18 such as the Gun Monster and Gun Stack formations.

Use the list below to quickly sort through the playbooks to find which teams have the specific formation you are looking for.

Just type in “Gun Monster” in the search bar and you will see that the Ravens, Bengals, Browns, and Titans playbooks feature this new formation. If you want to filter by team, just type in the team name you want to view.

Here are some interesting stats for the offensive playbooks:

  • The average number of shotgun formations in each team playbook, excluding the special playbooks, is 15.25.
  • The average number of singleback formations in each playbook, excluding the special playbooks, is 9.78.
  • The average number of I formations in each playbook, excluding the special playbooks, is 3.4.
  • The Giants and Panthers have the most number of shotgun formations at 20.
  • The Cardinals and Dolphins have the most singleback formations at 14.
  • The 49ers have the most I form sets at 7.
  • The spread playbook is entirely shotgun formations (other than goal line and hail mary)

Make sure you check out the list of defensive formations in Madden 18.

Madden 18 Offensive Playbook Formation List

Arizona CardinalsPistol Bunch TE
Arizona CardinalsPistol Wing Flex
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Ace Slot Offset
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Bunch HB Str
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Doubles
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Empty Bunch Wide
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Empty Trey Flex
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Empty Trey Stack
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Flip Trips
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Split Close
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Spread
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Tight
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Trey
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Trips HB Wk
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Wing Stack
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Y Off Trio Wk
Arizona CardinalsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Ace
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Ace Pair
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Ace Slot
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Bunch Ace
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Dice Slot
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Doubles South
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Wing Pair
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Wing Slot
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Wing Stack
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Wing Tight
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Wing Tight Z
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Y Off Trio
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Y Off Trips
Arizona CardinalsSingleback Z-Trip
Arizona CardinalsSrong I Slot
Arizona CardinalsSrong I Tight
Atlanta FalconsI Form Close
Atlanta FalconsI Form Pro
Atlanta FalconsI Form Slot
Atlanta FalconsI Form Tight
Atlanta FalconsI Form Twin TE
Atlanta FalconsI Form Y Off
Atlanta FalconsPistol Full Panther
Atlanta FalconsPistol Y Trips
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Bunch Wide
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Empty Base
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Empty Base Flex
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Split Close
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Tight
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Trey
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Trey Open
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Trio Falcon
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Trio Offset
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Wing Tight
Atlanta FalconsShotgun Y Off Trio Wk
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Ace
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Ace Pair
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Bunch
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Deuce Close
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Dice Slot
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Doubles Y Open
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Wing Slot
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Wing Tight
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Wing Tight Z
Atlanta FalconsSingleback Y Off Trio
Atlanta FalconsStrong I Close
Atlanta FalconsStrong I Y Off
Atlanta FalconsWeak I Close
Atlanta FalconsWeak I Pro
Baltimore RavensI Form Close Flex
Baltimore RavensI Form Pro
Baltimore RavensI Form Slot Flex
Baltimore RavensI Form Tight
Baltimore RavensI Form Twin TE
Baltimore RavensShotgun Bunch
Baltimore RavensShotgun Doubles
Baltimore RavensShotgun Empty Base Flex
Baltimore RavensShotgun Flex Y Off Wk
Baltimore RavensShotgun Monster
Baltimore RavensShotgun Snugs Flip
Baltimore RavensShotgun Spread Y-Flex
Baltimore RavensShotgun Trey Offset
Baltimore RavensShotgun Trey Open
Baltimore RavensShotgun Trips TE Flex
Baltimore RavensShotgun Wing Pair
Baltimore RavensShotgun Wing Stack
Baltimore RavensShotgun Y Trips Wk
Baltimore RavensSingleback Ace
Baltimore RavensSingleback Ace Pair
Baltimore RavensSingleback Ace Slot
Baltimore RavensSingleback Bunch Ace
Baltimore RavensSingleback Deuce Close
Baltimore Ravens Singleback Dice Slot
Baltimore RavensSingleback Trey
Baltimore RavensSingleback Wing Pair
Baltimore RavensSingleback Wing Slot
Baltimore RavensSingleback Wing Tight
Baltimore RavensSingleback Y Trips
Baltimore RavensStrong I Pro
Baltimore RavensStrong I Slot
Baltimore RavensWeak I Close Flex
Baltimore RavensWeak I Pro
Buffalo BillsI Form Close Flex
Buffalo BillsI Form Pro
Buffalo BillsI Form Slot
Buffalo BillsI Form Tight
Buffalo BillsPistol Full House TE
Buffalo BillsShotgun Bunch HB Str
Buffalo BillsShotgun Bunch Open TE
Buffalo BillsShotgun Bunch Quads
Buffalo BillsShotgun Doubles
Buffalo BillsShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Buffalo BillsShotgun Empty Y Slot
Buffalo BillsShotgun Snugs Flip
Buffalo BillsShotgun Spread
Buffalo BillsShotgun Trips HB Wk
Buffalo BillsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Buffalo BillsShotgun Wing Stack
Buffalo BillsShotgun Wing Tight
Buffalo BillsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Buffalo BillsSingleback Ace
Buffalo BillsSingleback Ace Pair
Buffalo BillsSingleback Bunch Ace
Buffalo BillsSingleback Dice Slot
Buffalo BillsSingleback Doubles North
Buffalo BillsSingleback Tight Slots
Buffalo BillsSingleback Trio
Buffalo BillsSingleback Wing Slot
Buffalo BillsSingleback Y Deep Trips
Buffalo BillsSingleback Y Trips
Buffalo BillsStrong I Pro
Buffalo BillsStrong I Slot
Buffalo BillsWeak I Pro
Buffalo BillsWeak I Slot
Buffalo BillsWeak I Slot Open Flex
Carolina PanthersI Form Pro
Carolina PanthersI Form Slot Flex
Carolina PanthersI Form Twin TE
Carolina PanthersPistol Full Panther
Carolina PanthersPistol Strong Slot
Carolina PanthersPistol Weak I
Carolina PanthersShotgun Ace
Carolina PanthersShotgun Ace Slot
Carolina PanthersShotgun Bunch
Carolina PanthersShotgun Bunch Open Offset
Carolina PanthersShotgun Double Stack
Carolina PanthersShotgun Doubles
Carolina PanthersShotgun Empty Base Flex
Carolina PanthersShotgun Empty Bunch
Carolina PanthersShotgun Empty Lion
Carolina PanthersShotgun Heavy Panther
Carolina PanthersShotgun Split Panther
Carolina PanthersShotgun Spread Y-Slot
Carolina PanthersShotgun Stack HB Wk
Carolina PanthersShotgun Tight
Carolina PanthersShotgun Trey Open
Carolina PanthersShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Carolina PanthersShotgun Trio Falcon
Carolina PanthersShotgun Trio Offset
Carolina PanthersShotgun Wing Tight
Carolina PanthersShotgun Y Off Trips
Carolina PanthersSingleback Ace
Carolina PanthersSingleback Ace Pair
Carolina PanthersSingleback Bunch Ace
Carolina PanthersSingleback Wing Pair
Carolina PanthersSingleback Wing Tight
Carolina PanthersSingleback Y Trips
Carolina PanthersStrong I H Pro
Carolina PanthersStrong I H Wing
Carolina PanthersWeak I Pro
Carolina PanthersWeak I Slot
Carolina PanthersWildcat Slot Flex
Chicago BearsI Form Pro
Chicago BearsI Form Slot
Chicago BearsI Form Twin TE
Chicago BearsI Form Y Off
Chicago BearsPistol Bunch
Chicago BearsPistol Doubles
Chicago BearsPistol Wing Slot
Chicago BearsShotgun Bunch Offset
Chicago BearsShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
Chicago BearsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Chicago BearsShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
Chicago BearsShotgun Empty Base
Chicago BearsShotgun Empty Trey
Chicago BearsShotgun Empty Y Slot
Chicago BearsShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
Chicago BearsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
Chicago BearsShotgun Trey Open
Chicago BearsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Chicago BearsShotgun Y Off Trips
Chicago BearsShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Chicago BearsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Chicago BearsSingleback Ace Pair
Chicago BearsSingleback Ace Slot
Chicago BearsSingleback Bunch
Chicago BearsSingleback Dice Slot
Chicago BearsSingleback Wing Pair
Chicago BearsSingleback Wing Slot
Chicago BearsSingleback Y Deep Trips
Chicago BearsSingleback Y Trips
Chicago BearsStrong I Close
Chicago BearsStrong I Slot
Chicago BearsWeak I Close
Chicago BearsWeak I Pro
Chicago BearsWeak I Slot Flex
Cincinnati BengalsI Form Pro
Cincinnati BengalsI Form Slot
Cincinnati BengalsI Form Tight
Cincinnati BengalsI Form Twin TE
Cincinnati BengalsI Form Y Off
Cincinnati BengalsPistol Doubles
Cincinnati BengalsPistol Y Trips
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Bunch
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Double Stack
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Doubles
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Empty Base
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Monster
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Monster Stack
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Split Slot
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Trey Open
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Wing Slot Offset
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Y Off Trips
Cincinnati BengalsShotgun Y Trips Z-Trip
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Ace
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Bunch
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Deuce Close
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Dice Slot
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Wing Pair
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Wing Slot
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Wing Tight
Cincinnati BengalsSingleback Y Trips
Cincinnati BengalsStrong I Pro
Cincinnati BengalsStrong I Y Off
Cincinnati BengalsWeak I Pro
Cleveland BrownsFull House Normal Wide
Cleveland BrownsI Form Pro
Cleveland BrownsI Form Slot
Cleveland BrownsI Form Tight
Cleveland BrownsI Form Twin TE
Cleveland BrownsPistol Strong Slot
Cleveland BrownsPistol Wing Slot
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Ace Offset
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Bunch
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Doubles
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Empty Try Flex
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Monster
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Monster Stack
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Snugs Flip
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Split Flex
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Trey Open
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Wing Tight
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Cleveland BrownsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Ace
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Ace Pair
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Bunch Ace
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Deuce Close
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Dice Slot
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Wing Pair
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Wing Slot
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Wing Tight
Cleveland BrownsSingleback Y Deep Trips
Cleveland BrownsStrong I Pro
Cleveland BrownsStrong I wing
Cleveland BrownsWeak I Pro
Cleveland BrownsWildcat Trips Over
Dallas CowboysI Form H Pro
Dallas CowboysI Form H Wing
Dallas CowboysI Form Slot Flex
Dallas CowboysPistol Doubles
Dallas CowboysShotgun Bunch
Dallas CowboysShotgun Doubles Flex Wk
Dallas CowboysShotgun Doubles Offset
Dallas CowboysShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Dallas CowboysShotgun Empty Cowboy
Dallas CowboysShotgun Empty Trey
Dallas CowboysShotgun Empty Trey Stack
Dallas CowboysShotgun Empty Trips TE
Dallas CowboysShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
Dallas CowboysShotgun Trey Open
Dallas CowboysShotgun Trio Offset
Dallas CowboysShotgun Trips Y-Flex
Dallas CowboysShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Dallas CowboysShotgun Y Trips Z-Trip
Dallas CowboysSingleback Ace
Dallas CowboysSingleback Ace Pair
Dallas CowboysSingleback Ace Slot
Dallas CowboysSingleback Bunch Ace
Dallas CowboysSingleback Dice Slot
Dallas CowboysSingleback Wing Flex
Dallas CowboysSingleback Wing Pair
Dallas CowboysSingleback Wing Tight
Dallas CowboysSingleback Wing Tight Z
Dallas CowboysSingleback Y Off Trips
Dallas CowboysSingleback Y Trips
Dallas CowboysStrong I H Pro
Dallas CowboysStrong I H Slot
Dallas CowboysStrong I H Y-Off
Denver BroncosI Form Pro
Denver BroncosI Form Slot Flex
Denver BroncosI Form Tight
Denver BroncosI Form Twin TE
Denver BroncosPistol Bunch
Denver BroncosPistol Trips
Denver BroncosShotgun Bunch
Denver BroncosShotgun Doubles
Denver BroncosShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Denver BroncosShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
Denver BroncosShotgun Empty Base Flex
Denver BroncosShotfun Empty Bronco
Denver BroncosShotgun Spread
Denver BroncosShotgun Stack HB Wk
Denver BroncosShotgun Tight
Denver BroncosShotgun Trio Falcon
Denver BroncosShotgun Trio Offset
Denver BroncosShotgun Trips TE
Denver BroncosShotgun Trips TE Flex
Denver BroncosShotgun Trips Y-Flex
Denver BroncosShotgun Wing Slot Offset
Denver BroncosShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Denver BroncosShotgun Y Trips Wk
Denver BroncosSingleback Ace
Denver BroncosSingleback Ace Pair
Denver BroncosSingleback Bunch
Denver BroncosSingleback Deuce Close
Denver BroncosSingleback Dice Slot
Denver BroncosSingleback Wing Pair
Denver BroncosSingleback Wing Slot
Denver BroncosSingleback Wing Tight
Denver BroncosStrong I Pro
Denver BroncosWeak I Wing
Detroit LionsI Form Slot
Detroit LionsI Form Twin TE
Detroit LionsPistol Doubles
Detroit LionsPistol Doubles Y Off
Detroit LionsPistol Open Slot
Detroit LionsPistol Strong Slot Open
Detroit LionsPistol Wing Flex
Detroit LionsShotgun Bunch Wide
Detroit LionsShotgun Dbl Y Flex Off Wk
Detroit LionsShotgun Doubles
Detroit LionsShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Detroit LionsShotgun Doubles Y Off
Detroit LionsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Detroit LionsShotgun Empty Base Flex
Detroit LionsShotgun Empty Lion
Detroit LionsShotgun Empty Y-Flex
Detroit LionsShotgun Split Flex
Detroit LionsShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
Detroit LionsShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
Detroit LionsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Detroit LionsShotgun Trips Y-Flex
Detroit LionsShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Detroit LionsSingleback Ace Pair
Detroit LionsSingleback Ace U Off
Detroit LionsSingleback Bunch Base
Detroit LionsSingleback Deuce
Detroit LionsSingleback Dice Slot
Detroit LionsSingleback Wing Pair
Detroit LionsSingleback Wing Slot
Detroit LionsSingleback Y Off Trips
Detroit LionsStrong I Pro
Detroit LionsStrong I Slot Flex
Detroit LionsStrong I Y Off
Detroit LionsWeak I pro
Green Bay PackersFull House Normal Wide
Green Bay PackersI Form Pro
Green Bay PackersI Form Slot Flex
Green Bay PackersI Form Slot Open Flex
Green Bay PackersI Form Twin TE
Green Bay PackersPistol Doubles 2 Flex
Green Bay PackersPistol Strong Slot Open
Green Bay PackersPistol Y Trips
Green Bay PackersShotgun Ace Offset
Green Bay PackersShotgun Bunch
Green Bay PackersShotgun Doubles Flex Wk
Green Bay PackersShotgun Doubles On
Green Bay PackersShotgun Eagles Trips
Green Bay PackersShotgun Empty Flex Trey
Green Bay PackersShotgun Empty Trey
Green Bay PackersShotgun Open Flex
Green Bay PackersShotgun Open Flex Wk
Green Bay PackersShotgun Split Flex
Green Bay PackersShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
Green Bay PackersShotgun Stack Y-Flex
Green Bay PackersShotgun Tight Offset TE
Green Bay PackersShotgun Trey Offset
Green Bay PackersShotgun Y Trips Wk
Green Bay PackersSingleback Ace
Green Bay PackersSingleback Ace Pair
Green Bay PackersSingleback Ace Slot
Green Bay PackersSingleback Bunch
Green Bay PackersSingleback Deuce Close
Green Bay PackersSingleback Doubles Flex
Green Bay PackersSingleback Wing Flex
Green Bay PackersSingleback Y Trips
Green Bay PackersStrong I H Open Flex
Green Bay PackersWeak I Pro
Green Bay PackersWeak I Slot Open
Houston TexansI Form Pro
Houston TexansI Form Slot
Houston TexansI Form TIght
Houston TexansI Form Twin TE
Houston TexansPistol Doubles
Houston TexansPistol Tight Slots
Houston TexansShotgun Bunch
Houston TexansShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Houston TexansShotgun Doubles Y Off
Houston TexansShotgun Eagle H-Slot
Houston TexansShotgun Empty Trey Stack
Houston TexansShotgun Empty Y Slot
Houston TexansShotgun Spread Y-Slot
Houston TexansShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
Houston TexansShotgun Trey Open
Houston TexansShotgun Trips HB Wk
Houston TexansShotgun Trips TE Flex
Houston TexansShotgun Trips TE Offset
Houston TexansShotgun Wing Flex Offset
Houston TexansShotgun Y Trips Wk
Houston TexansSingleback Ace
Houston TexansSingleback Ace Close
Houston TexansSingleback Ace Pair
Houston TexansSingleback Deuce
Houston TexansSingleback Dice Slot
Houston TexansSingleback Doubles South
Houston TexansSingleback Spread
Houston TexansSingleback Tight Slots
Houston TexansSingleback Wing Slot
Houston TexansSingleback Y Off Trips
Houston TexansStrong Y Off
Houston TexansWeak I Close
Indianapolis ColtsFull House Normal Wide
Indianapolis ColtsI Form Pro
Indianapolis ColtsI Form Slot Flex
Indianapolis ColtsI Form TIght
Indianapolis ColtsI Form Twin TE
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Bunch
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Bunch Quads
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Doubles
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Empty Trey Flex
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Empty Trey Stack
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Tight
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Trey Open
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Trips Y-Flex
Indianapolis ColtsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Ace
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Ace Pair
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Ace U Off
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Bunch Ace
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Deuce Close
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Dice Slot
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Trips
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Wing Slot
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Wing Stack
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Wing Tight
Indianapolis ColtsSingleback Y Deep Trips
Indianapolis ColtsStrong I pro
Indianapolis ColtsStrong I Slot Flex
Indianapolis ColtsStrong I Wing
Indianapolis ColtsWeak I Pro
Jacksonville JaguarsI Form Twin TE
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Ace Slot Offset
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Bunch
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Bunch Open TE
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Doubles Offset
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Empty Base
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Empty Trey Stack
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Open Flex
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Spread Y Slot
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Stack HB Wk
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Trey Y Iso
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Trio Falcon
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Trio Offset
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Trips Y-Flex
Jacksonville JaguarsShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Ace
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Ace Pair
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Ace Slot
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Bunch
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Deuce Close
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Deuce Y Flex
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Dice Slot
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Wing Pair
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Wing Stack
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Wing Tight
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Wing Tight Z
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Y Off Trips
Jacksonville JaguarsSingleback Y Trips
Kansas City ChiefsI Form Pro
Kansas City ChiefsI Form Slot Flex
Kansas City ChiefsI Form Tight
Kansas City ChiefsI Form Twin TE
Kansas City ChiefsPistol Weak I
Kansas City ChiefsPistol Wing Flex
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Bunch Open Offset
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Bunch Quads
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Bunch Wide
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Doubles Y Off
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Eagle H Tight
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Empty Base Flex
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Flex Y Off Wk
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Snugs Flip
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Trey Open Offset
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Trio Offset Wk
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Wing Stack
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Y Off Trips
Kansas City ChiefsShotgun Y Trips Offset Wk
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Ace
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Ace Slot
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Bunch Ace
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Deuce Close
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Dice Slot
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Wing Pair
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Wing Slot
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Wing Stack
Kansas City ChiefsSingleback Y Trips
Kansas City ChiefsStrong I Slot
Kansas City ChiefsWeak I Wing
LA ChargersI Form Pro
LA ChargersI Form Slot Flex
LA ChargersI Form Tight
LA ChargersI Form Twin TE
LA ChargersPistol Doubles
LA ChargersPistol Trips
LA ChargersShotgun Bunch
LA ChargersShotgun Doubles
LA ChargersShotgun Doubles HB Wk
LA ChargersShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
LA ChargersShotgun Empty Base Flex
LA ChargersShotgun Empty Trey Stack
LA ChargersShotgun Spread Flex Wk
LA ChargersShotgun Stack HB Wk
LA ChargersShotgun Tight
LA ChargersShotgun Trey Y Iso
LA ChargersShotgun Trips TE
LA ChargersShotgun Trips TE Flex
LA ChargersShotgun Trips Y-Flex
LA ChargersShotgun Wing Stack
LA ChargersShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
LA ChargersShotgun Y Trips Wk
LA ChargersSingleback Ace
LA ChargersSingleback Ace Pair
LA ChargersSingleback Bunch
LA ChargersSingleback Deuce Close
LA ChargersSingleback Deuce Y Flex
LA ChargersSingleback Dice Slot
LA ChargersSingleback Wing Pair
LA ChargersSingleback Wing Slot
LA ChargersSingleback Wing Tight
LA ChargersStrong I Pro
LA ChargersWeak I Wing
LA RamsI Form Pro
LA RamsI Form Slot
LA RamsI Form Twin TE
LA RamsPistol Doubles Y Off
LA RamsPistol Y Trips
LA RamsShotgun Bunch Offset
LA RamsShotgun Doubles Offset
LA RamsShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
LA RamsShotgun Doubles Y Off
LA RamsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
LA RamsShotgun Empty Base Flex
LA RamsShotgun Empty Bunch Wide
LA RamsShotgun Flip Trips Eagle
LA RamsShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
LA RamsShotgun Stack HB Wk
LA RamsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
LA RamsShotgun Trey Y Iso
LA RamsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
LA RamsShotgun Y Trips Wk
LA RamsSingleback Ace
LA RamsSingleback Ace Pair
LA RamsSingleback Bunch
LA RamsSingleback Deuce Close
LA RamsSingleback Dice Slot
LA RamsSingleback Wing Pair
LA RamsSingleback Wing Slot
LA RamsSingleback Wing Tight
LA RamsSingleback Wing Tight Z
LA RamsSingleback Y Off Trio
LA RamsSingleback Y Trips
LA RamsStrong I Pro
LA RamsWeak I Pro
Miami DolphinsPistol Doubles Y Off
Miami DolphinsPistol Open Slot
Miami DolphinsShotgun Bunch
Miami DolphinsShotgun Bunch Open Offset
Miami DolphinsShotgun Bunch TE
Miami DolphinsShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Miami DolphinsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Miami DolphinsShotgun Empty Trey
Miami DolphinsShotgun Empty Y Slot
Miami DolphinsShotgun Split Panther
Miami DolphinsShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
Miami DolphinsShotgun Stack HB Wk
Miami DolphinsShotgun Tight Slot Open
Miami DolphinsShotgun Trey Open
Miami DolphinsShotgun Trips TE Flex
Miami DolphinsShotgun Trips TE Offset
Miami DolphinsShotgun Trips Y Iso
Miami DolphinsShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Miami DolphinsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Miami DolphinsSingleback Ace
Miami DolphinsSingleback Ace Pair
Miami DolphinsSingleback Ace Slot
Miami DolphinsSingleback Bunch
Miami DolphinsSingleback Deuce Close
Miami DolphinsSingleback Dice Slot
Miami DolphinsSingleback Doubles Flex
Miami DolphinsSingleback Wing Pair
Miami DolphinsSingleback Wing Slot
Miami DolphinsSingleback Wing Stack
Miami DolphinsSingleback Wing Tight
Miami DolphinsSingleback Wing Tight Z
Miami DolphinsSingleback Y Deep Trips
Miami DolphinsSingleback Y Trips
Minnesota VikingsI Form Pro
Minnesota VikingsI Form Slot Flex
Minnesota VikingsI Form Twin TE
Minnesota VikingsNear Jumbo
Minnesota VikingsPistol Ace U Off
Minnesota VikingsPistol Strong
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Ace Offset
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Bunch
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Doubles Offset
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Doubles Y-Flex Offset
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Eagle Trey
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Empty Base Flex
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Empty Bunch Wide
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Split Panther
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Trey
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Minnesota VikingsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Ace
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Ace Pair
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Ace Slot
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Bunch Ace
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Dice Slot
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Wing Pair
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Wing Slot
Minnesota VikingsSingleback Wing Tight
Minnesota VikingsStrong I Pro
Minnesota VikingsStrong I Wing
Minnesota VikingsWeak I Pro
Minnesota VikingsWeak I Wing
Minnesota VikingsWildcat Trips Over
New England PatriotsI Form Pro
New England PatriotsI Form Slot
New England PatriotsI Form Tight
New England PatriotsShotgun Ace Slot Offset
New England PatriotsShotgun Bunch
New England PatriotsShotgun Doubles
New England PatriotsShotgun Doubles Flex Wk Pats
New England PatriotsShotgun Empty Ace Patriot
New England PatriotsShotgun Empty Base Flex
New England PatriotsShotgun Normal Wing Pats
New England PatriotsShotgun Snugs Flip
New England PatriotsShotgun Split Close Pats
New England PatriotsShotgun Spread Y-Slot
New England PatriotsShotgun Trips TE
New England PatriotsShotgun Trips TE Flex
New England PatriotsShotgun Trips Y Iso
New England PatriotsShotgun Trips Y-Flex
New England PatriotsShotgun U Trips Wk
New England PatriotsShotgun Wing Flex Offset Wk
New England PatriotsSingleback Ace
New England PatriotsSingleback Ace Close
New England PatriotsSingleback Ace Overload
New England PatriotsSingleback Ace Pair
New England PatriotsSingleback Ace Slot
New England PatriotsSingleback Bunch Ace
New England PatriotsSingleback Dice Slot
New England PatriotsSingleback Tight Slots
New England PatriotsSingleback Wing Pair
New England PatriotsSingleback Wing Slot
New England PatriotsSingleback Y Trips
New England PatriotsStrong I Pro
New England PatriotsWeak I Close
New Orleans SaintsI Form Close
New Orleans SaintsI Form H Pro
New Orleans SaintsI Form Pro
New Orleans SaintsI Form Slot Flex
New Orleans SaintsI Form Tight
New Orleans SaintsPistol Bunch TE
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Bunch
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Dbl Y Flex Off Wk
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Doubles Offset
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Eagle H-Slot
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Empty Saint
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Empty Trey
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Flex Y Off Wk
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Split Offset
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Tight Offset TE
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Trey Open
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
New Orleans SaintsShotgun Y Off Trio Wk
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Ace
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Ace Pair
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Bunch Base
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Dice Slot
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Tight Slots
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Wing Flex
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Wing Pair
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Wing Stack
New Orleans SaintsSingleback Y Off Trio
New Orleans SaintsWeak I Close Flex
New Orleans SaintsWeak I Pro
New Orleans SaintsWeak I Slot Flex
New Orleans SaintsWeak I Wing
New York GiantsFull House Normal Wide
New York GiantsI Form Tight
New York GiantsShotgun Bunch Wide
New York GiantsShotgun Doubles Flex Wk
New York GiantsShotgun Doubles Offset
New York GiantsShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
New York GiantsShotgun Doubles On
New York GiantsShotgun Empty Flex Trey
New York GiantsShotgun Empty Trey
New York GiantsShotgun Flex Y Off
New York GiantsShotgun Flex Y Off Wk
New York GiantsShotgun Normal Flex Wing Wk
New York GiantsShotgun Open Flex
New York GiantsShotgun Spread
New York GiantsShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
New York GiantsShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
New York GiantsShotgun Trey Open
New York GiantsShotgun Trio Offset
New York GiantsShotgun Trips Y-Flex
New York GiantsShotgun Y Trio Offset Wk
New York GiantsShotgun Y Trips Offset
New York GiantsShotgun Y Trips Wk
New York GiantsSingleback Ace
New York GiantsSingleback Ace Pair
New York GiantsSingleback Bunch
New York GiantsSingleback Deuce Close
New York GiantsSingleback Dice Slot
New York GiantsSingleback Doubles Flex
New York GiantsSingleback Wing Tight
New York GiantsSingleback Y Deep Trips
New York GiantsSingleback Y Off Trio
New York GiantsSingleback Y Trips
New York JetsI Form H Pro
New York JetsI Form Pro
New York JetsI Form Slot Flex
New York JetsI Form Tight
New York JetsI Form Twin TE
New York JetsPistol Bunch TE
New York JetsShotgun Bunch Offset
New York JetsShotgun Dbl Y Flex Off Wk
New York JetsShot Doubles Offset
New York JetsShotgun Empty Saint
New York JetsShotgun Empty Trey Flex
New York JetsShotgun Flex Y Off Wk
New York JetsShotgun Snugs Flip
New York JetsShotgun Split Close
New York JetsShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
New York JetsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
New York JetsShotgun Trey Open
New York JetsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
New York JetsShotgun Wing Slot Offset
New York JetsShotgun Y Trio Offset Wk
New York JetsSingleback Ace
New York JetsSingleback Ace Pair
New York JetsSingleback Bunch
New York JetsSingleback Deuce Close
New York JetsSingleback Doubles Flex
New York JetsSingleback Tight Slots
New York JetsSingleback Wing Pair
New York JetsSingleback Wing Slot
New York JetsSingleback Wing Stack
New York JetsSingleback Y Off Trio
New York JetsWeak I Close Flex
New York JetsWeak I Pro
New York JetsWeak I Slot Flex
New York JetsWeak I Wing
Oakland RaidersI Form Pro
Oakland RaidersI Form Slot Flex
Oakland RaidersI Form Tight
Oakland RaidersI Form Twin TE
Oakland RaidersPistol Wing
Oakland RaidersShotgun 5 WR Trio
Oakland RaidersShotgun Bunch
Oakland RaidersShotgun Doubles Offset
Oakland RaidersShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
Oakland RaidersShotgun Doubles Y Off
Oakland RaidersShotgun Doubles Y-Flex Offset
Oakland RaidersShotgun Empty Trey Flex
Oakland RaidersShotgun Split Flex
Oakland RaidersShotgun Spread
Oakland RaidersShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
Oakland RaidersShotgun Tight Slot Open
Oakland RaidersShotgun Trey Open Offset
Oakland RaidersShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Oakland RaidersShotgun Trio Offset
Oakland RaidersShotgun Wing Slot Offset
Oakland RaidersShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Oakland RaidersShotgun Y Trips Wk
Oakland RaidersSingleback Ace
Oakland RaidersSingleback Ace Pair
Oakland RaidersSingleback Bunch
Oakland RaidersSingleback Dice Slot
Oakland RaidersSingleback Wing Pair
Oakland RaidersSingleback Wing Slot
Oakland RaidersSingleback Wing Tight
Oakland RaidersSingleback Y Trips
Oakland RaidersStrong I Wing
Oakland RaidersStrong I Y Off
Philadelphia EaglesI Form Twin TE
Philadelphia EaglesPistol Doubles Y Off
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Bunch
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Bunch Open TE
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Double Stack
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Doubles Flex Wk
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Doubles Offset
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Doubles On
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Empty Base
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Empty Base Flex
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Snugs Flip
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Trey Open Offset
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Trio Offset
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Wing Stack
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Philadelphia EaglesShotgun Y Trips Offset Wk
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Ace
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Ace Pair
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Ace Slot
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Bunch
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Deuce Close
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Deuce Y Flex
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Dice Slot
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Wing Flex
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Wing Pair
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Wing Tight
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Wing Tight Z
Philadelphia EaglesSingleback Y Trips
Pittsburgh SteelersI Form Tight
Pittsburgh SteelersI Form Twin TE
Pittsburgh SteelersPistol Doubles Y Off
Pittsburgh SteelersPistol Y Trips
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Bunch
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Empty Bunch
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Empty Trey Stack
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Empty X-Trip
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Empty Y-Flex
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Stack Y Off Wk
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Stack Y-Flex
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Tight Doubles
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Trey Open
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Trio
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Wing Slot Offset
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Pittsburgh SteelersShotgun Y Trips Wk
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Ace
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Ace Pair
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Bunch
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Deuce
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Deuce Close
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Trips
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Wing Pair
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Wing Sot
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Wing Stack
Pittsburgh SteelersSingleback Wing Tight
Pittsburgh SteelersStrong I pro
Pittsburgh SteelersWeak I Pro
Pittsburgh SteelersWeak I Wing
San Francisco 49ersI Form Close
San Francisco 49ersI Form Close Flex
San Francisco 49ersI Form Pro
San Francisco 49ersI Form Slot
San Francisco 49ersI Form Tight
San Francisco 49ersI Form Twin TE
San Francisco 49ersI Form Y Off
San Francisco 49ersPistol Full Panther
San Francisco 49ersPistol Y Trips
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Bunch Wide
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Doubles Y-Flex
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Empty Base Flex
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Split Close
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Stack Y-Flex
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Tight
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Trey
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Trey Open
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Trey Y-Flex
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Trips Open
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Wing Tight
San Francisco 49ersShotgun Y Off Trio Wk
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Ace
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Ace Pair
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Bunch
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Deuce Close
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Dice Slot
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Wing Slot
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Wing Tight
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Wing Tight Z
San Francisco 49ersSingleback Y Off Trio
San Francisco 49ersStrong I Close
San Francisco 49ersStrong I Y Off
San Francisco 49ersWeak I Close
San Francisco 49ersWeak I Pro
Seattle SeahawksI Form H Pro
Seattle SeahawksI Form H Slot Open
Seattle SeahawksI Form H Tight
Seattle SeahawksI Form H Wing
Seattle SeahawksPistol Ace
Seattle SeahawksPistol Strong Slot Open
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Ace Offset
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Ace Slot Offset
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Bunch
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Bunch Open Te
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Bunch TE
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Double Stack
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Doubles Offset
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Doubles Y Off
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Empty Bunch
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Empty Cowboy
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Snugs Flip
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Spread Y-Slot
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Trips TE Offset
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Trips Y Iso
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Wing Pair
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Wing Slot Offset
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Y Trio Offset Wk
Seattle SeahawksShotgun Y Trips Z-Trip
Seattle SeahawksSingleback Ace Pair
Seattle SeahawksSingleback Bunch Ace
Seattle SeahawksSingleback Deuce Close
Seattle SeahawksSingleback Doubles Z-Slot
Seattle SeahawksSingleback Wing Slot
Seattle SeahawksSingleback Wing Tight Z
Seattle SeahawksStrong I H Slot
Seattle SeahawksStrong I H Wing
Seattle SeahawksStrong I H Y-Off
Tampa Bay BuccaneersI Form Close Flex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersI Form Pro
Tampa Bay BuccaneersI Form Slot
Tampa Bay BuccaneersI Form Twin TE
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Bunch
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Doubles
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Doubles Flex Wk
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Eagle Trips
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Empty Base
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Empty Base Flex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Split Slot
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Spread
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Spread Flex Wk
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Spread Y-Flex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Tight Flex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersShotgun Trips Open
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Ace Pair
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Ace Slot
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Bunch
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Deuce Close
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Dice Slot
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Wing Pair
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Wing Slot
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Wing Stack
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Wing Tight
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSingleback Y Trips
Tampa Bay BuccaneersStrong I Slot Flex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersStrong I Wing
Tampa Bay BuccaneersStrong I Y Off
Tampa Bay BuccaneersWeak I Close
Tampa Bay BuccaneersWeak I Pro
Tampa Bay BuccaneersWeak I Slot
Tampa Bay BuccaneersWeak I Wing
Tennessee TitansI Form Slot
Tennessee TitansI Form Tight
Tennessee TitansI Form Twin TE
Tennessee TitansPistol Strong Slot Open
Tennessee TitansPistol Weak I Wing
Tennessee TitansShotgun Bunch
Tennessee TitansShotgun Doubles
Tennessee TitansShotgun Doubles HB Wk
Tennessee TitansShotgun Doubles Y-Flex Offset
Tennessee TitansShotgun Empty Base Flex
Tennessee TitansShotgun Monster Stack
Tennessee TitansShotgun Slot Offset
Tennessee TitansShotgun Tight Flex
Tennessee TitansShotgun Trey Open
Tennessee TitansShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Tennessee TitansShotgun Trips TE Offset
Tennessee TitansShotgun Wing Slot Offset
Tennessee TitansShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
Tennessee TitansShotgun Y Trips Wk
Tennessee TitansSingleback Ace Close
Tennessee TitansSingleback Ace Pair
Tennessee TitansSingleback Ace U Off
Tennessee TitansSingleback Bunch Ace
Tennessee TitansSingleback Deuce Close
Tennessee TitansSingleback Dice Slot
Tennessee TitansSingleback Wing Pair
Tennessee TitansSingleback Wing Slot
Tennessee TitansSingleback Wing Stack
Tennessee TitansSingleback Wing Tight
Tennessee TitansSingleback Y Trips TE Slot
Tennessee TitansStrong I H Y-Off
Tennessee TitansStrong I Pro
Tennessee TitansStrong I Wing
Tennessee TitansWeak I Close
Tennessee TitansWeak I Wing
Washington RedskinsI Form Pro
Washington RedskinsI Form Slot
Washington RedskinsI Form Twin TE
Washington RedskinsPistol Doubles Y Off
Washington RedskinsPistol Y Trips
Washington RedskinsShotgun Bunch Offset
Washington RedskinsShotgun Doubles Offset
Washington RedskinsShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
Washington RedskinsShotgun Doubles Y Off
Washington RedskinsShotgun Doubles Y Off Wk
Washington RedskinsShotgun Empty Base Flex
Washington RedskinsShotgun Empty Bunch Wide
Washington RedskinsShotgun Flip Trips Eagle
Washington RedskinsShotgun Spread Y-Slot Wk
Washington RedskinsShotgun Stack HB Wk
Washington RedskinsShotgun Stack Y-Flex
Washington RedskinsShotgun Trey Y Iso
Washington RedskinsShotgun Trey Y-Flex
Washington RedskinsShotgun Y Trips Wk
Washington RedskinsSingleback Ace
Washington RedskinsSingleback Ace Pair
Washington RedskinsSingleback Bunch
Washington RedskinsSingleback Deuce Close
Washington RedskinsSingleback Dice Slot
Washington RedskinsSingleback Wing Pair
Washington RedskinsSingleback Wing Slot
Washington RedskinsSingleback Wing Tight
Washington RedskinsSingleback Wing Tight Z
Washington RedskinsSingleback Y Off Trio
Washington RedskinsSingleback Y Trips
Washington RedskinsStrong I Y Off
Washington RedskinsWeak I Pro
BalancedFull House Normal Wide
BalancedI Form Pro
BalancedI Form Tight
BalancedShotgun Split Slot
BalancedShotgun Doubles Flex Wing
BalancedShotgun Y Trips Wk
BalancedShotgun Tight Slots
BalancedShotgun Trey Y-Flex
BalancedShotgun Spread
BalancedShotgun Empty Trey
BalancedSingleback Wing Tight
BalancedSingleback Wing Tight Z
BalancedSingleback Ace
BalancedSingleback Wing Slot
BalancedSingleback Bunch
BalancedSingleback Doubles
BalancedSingleback Y Trips TE Slot
BalancedSingleback Tight Flex
BalancedStrong I Pro
BalancedStrong I Slot Flex
BalancedWeak I Slot Flex
PistolPistol Full House
PistolPistol Strong
PistolPistol Strong Slot
PistolPistol Strong Slot Open
PistolPistol Weak
PistolPistol Weak Slot
PistolPistol Weak Slot Flex
PistolPistol Weak Slot Open
PistolPistol Ace
PistolPistol Ace U Off
PistolPistol Ace Slot
PistolPistol Wing
PistolPistol Wing Slot
PistolPistol U Deep Slot
PistolPistol Doubles
PistolPistol Doubles Y Off
PistolPistol Y Trips
PistolPistol Y Off Trips
PistolPistol Open Flex
PistolPistol Trips
PistolPistol Bunch
PistolPistol Bunch TE
PistolPistol Tight Slots
PistolPistol Spread
PistolPistol Trips Left Open
Run 'n' GunFull House Normal Wide
Run 'n' GunI Form Pro
Run 'n' GunI Form H Pro
Run 'n' GunI Form Slot Flex
Run 'n' GunI Form Tight
Run 'n' GunPistol Strong
Run 'n' GunPistol Weak I Flex
Run 'n' GunPistol Trips
Run 'n' GunShotgun Split Flex
Run 'n' GunShotgun Doubles
Run 'n' GunShotgun Trips TE
Run 'n' GunShotgun Tight Flex
Run 'n' GunShotgun Spread
Run 'n' GunShotgun Trey Open
Run 'n' GunShotgun Empty Trey
Run 'n' GunShotgun 5 WR Trio
Run 'n' GunSingleback Ace
Run 'n' GunSingleback Ace Slot
Run 'n' GunSingleback Doubles
Run 'n' GunSingleback Y Trips
Run 'n' GunSingleback Bunch
Run 'n' GunStrong I Close
Run 'n' GunWeak I Close Flex
Run 'n' GunWildcat Trips Over
Run 'n' ShootPistol Spread
Run 'n' ShootPistol Trips Open
Run 'n' ShootPistol Trips Left Open
Run 'n' ShootShotgun Flanker Close
Run 'n' ShootShotgun Spread
Run 'n' ShootShotgun Trips
Run 'n' ShootShotgun Trips HB Wk
Run 'n' ShootShotgun 5 WR Trips
Run 'n' ShootSingleback Spread
Run 'n' ShootSingleback Trips Open
Run BalancedFull House Normal
Run BalancedI Form Pro
Run BalancedI Form Wing
Run BalancedI Form Hulk
Run BalancedPistol Full House TE
Run BalancedShotgun Split Offset
Run BalancedShotgun Wing Stack
Run BalancedShotgun Doubles Flex
Run BalancedShotgun Trey Offset
Run BalancedShotgun Spread Y-slot
Run BalancedShotgun Spread
Run BalancedStrong I Pro
Run BalancedWeak I Close Flex
Run BalancedWeak I Slot Open
Run BalancedWeak I H Wing
Run BalancedSingleback Ace Dbl Wing
Run BalancedSingleback Ace
Run BalancedSingleback Ace Slot
Run BalancedSingleback Wing Slot
Run BalancedSingleback Doubles 2 Slot
Run BalancedSingleback Doubles Flex
Run BalancedSingleback Y Trips
Run BalancedSingleback Y Off Trio
Run BalancedSingleback Trips
Run BalancedWildcat Normal
Run HeavyFull House Wide
Run HeavyI Form Pro
Run HeavyI Form Wing
Run HeavyShotgun Split Slot
Run HeavyShotgun Split Y-Flex
Run HeavyShotgun Ace
Run HeavyShotgun Doubles
Run HeavyShotgun Y Off Trio Wk
Run HeavyShotgun Bunch TE
Run HeavyStrong I Pro
Run HeavyStrong I Twins Over
Run HeavyStrong I Y Open Flex
Run HeavyStrong I Tight
Run HeavyStrong I Wing
Run HeavyWeak I Slot
Run HeavySingleback Wing Tight
Run HeavySingleback Ace
Run HeavySingleback Ace Slot
Run HeavySingleback Wing Slot
Run HeavySingleback Bunch
Run HeavySingleback Trips Y Slot
Run HeavySingleback Trio
SpreadPistol Ace U Off
SpreadPistol Doubles
SpreadShotgun Split Slot
SpreadShotgun Split Offset
SpreadShotgun Ace Offset
SpreadShotgun Ace Slot Offset
SpreadShotgun Wing Flex Wk
SpreadShotgun Doubles Offset
SpreadShotgun Doubles Offset Wk
SpreadShotgun Normal Y Off
SpreadShotgun Flex Y Off
SpreadShotgun Tackle Over Trips
SpreadShotgun Y-Trips Offset
SpreadShotgun Y-Trips Offset Wk
SpreadShotgun Y Off Trips
SpreadShotgun Y Off Trips Wk
SpreadShotgun Tackle Over
SpreadShotgun Trio Offset
SpreadShotgun Trio Offset Wk
SpreadShotgun Bunch Open
SpreadShotgun Bunch Open Offset
SpreadShotgun Double Stack
SpreadShotgun Tight Slot Open
SpreadShotgun Spread HB Wk
SpreadShotgun Flip Trips
SpreadShotgun Trey Open Offset
SpreadShotgun Empty Base Flex
West CoastSingleback Ace
West CoastSingleback Wing Slot
West CoastSingleback Bunch Ace
West CoastSingleback Doubles North
West CoastSingleback Doubles Flex
West CoastSingleback Y Trips
West CoastSingleback Doubles Y Open
West CoastSingleback Spread
West CoastI Form Pro
West CoastI Form Slot
West CoastI Form Tight
West CoastI Form Wing
West CoastStrong I Pro
West CoastStrong I Close
West CoastStrong I Slot
West CoastWeak I Close
West CoastWeak I Slot Flex
West CoastNear Pro
West CoastNear Close
West CoastNear Close Flex
West CoastNear Y Left Slot
West CoastFar Pro
West CoastFar Slot
West CoastFar Tight Slot
West CoastPistol Strong Slot
West CoastPistol Doubles
West CoastShotgun Split Offset
West CoastShotgun Doubles
West CoastShotgun Bunch Wk
West CoastShotgun Tight Slots
West CoastShotgun Spread Dbl Flex
West CoastShotgun Trey Open Offset
West CoastShotgun Empty Trey