Madden 17: Beat Cover 3 with Gun Tight Offset TE – PA Shot Seams

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Beat Cover 3Beat Cover 3 with this play out of the Gun Tight Offset TE.

A long time rival and fellow e-Athlete, Jonboi817, used this play to beat me the other night in a CFM game. If you can’t beat em join em. I didn’t lose because of this play alone but it put him up by 2 scores in the 4th quarter.

This play can be found in the Saints playbook but shows up in other playbooks such as the PA Zona Seams in the Arizona Cardinals playbook.

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How to Beat Cover 3 with PA Shot Seams

The set-up: Call the play and all you have to do is motion the “Y” receiver to the right side. This is going to overload the right side of the field with three receivers.

Note: The “Y” receiver is the #1 receiver on your depth chart by default. It helps to have a speedy WR.

The reason it beats cover 3 is because the free safety decides to cover the “X” receiver who is running an out route. Even if the “X” receiver is covered, the safety decides to leave his zone wide open like a complete moron. This shouldn’t happen.

Thus, this play can be considered cheesy because it takes advantage of an AI glitch. But isn’t that what Madden is ultimately all about? If you play this game enough, you can’t help but notice some of the gaping problems with zone coverage or man coverage and exploit them.

Here’s the video I put together of the play. Do me a favor and like and/or subscribe to the Youtube channel. I’ll keep adding videos and tips if people are finding it useful. I plan to get more active with Madden 18 later this year.