When will we see Madden 18 gameplay video?

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Madden 18 blogs on game styles – check.

Madden 18 player ratings – check.

Madden 18 Longshot videos – check.

Madden 18 soundtrack featuring Snoop – check.

Actual in-game footage of gameplay……still waiting.

And we will be waiting until “late” this coming week according to Rex Dickson’s tweet below.

Has the transition to the new “Frostbite” engine gone horribly wrong?

Fans have speculated this means the game is not in good shape. With less than 3 weeks to release and no video of gameplay, what else could it mean? These days, companies sell “early access” to play games while they are still under development and in the old days (3-4 years ago), Madden had a free, playable demo a month before the release. Now, we can’t even get a freakin’ video!

EA is hosting a group of “community influencers” who will be allowed to release videos this week. The problem is these guys have been flown out to EA for the opportunity to play the game early and meet the developers. Sounds cool but being wined and dined makes it very difficult to have an unbiased opinion. I’m betting none of these guys are going to be hard on the game in their reviews.

So that means we will either have to wait for the reviews from fan sites such as Operation Sports and Pastapadre or try the game ourselves in early access. It’s just one of the worst marketing strategies I’ve ever seen. If you are proud of your work then you should want to share it. I don’t see any benefit to waiting until a matter of weeks before release. For some of us, this is the only game we play most of the year.

Maybe all of the speculation will be unfounded and the game will be great but then again, Madden 17 seemed pretty great at release and was then later made worse through a series of patches.