Michael Vick Returns to Madden

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Michael Vick has made a triumphant return to Madden as a Madden 18 Ultimate Team Legend. If you were concerned with a lack of cheesy gameplay in the competitive ultimate team game modes such as weekend league, seasons, and salary cap, then you will be very pleased with Vick’s return.

Lots of cheese is on the way with Vick. If you have been a long time Madden player, you will remember how “cheesy” Vick was back in Madden 2004. Hope you know how to QB  contain and spy.

Mike Vick Ultimate Team Legend Card

Check out the 93 overall Mike Vick card below:

Michael Vick MUT

The 92 speed rating puts Vick at the very top of the players with the highest speed list with Sean Taylor and Odell Beckham’s MUT Master Cards. His 94 throw power rating beats Cam Newton, who is currently ranked 2nd in throw power, by 2 points. Oddly enough, he is better at deep passes than short ones.

Mike Vick Ultimate Team Objectives List

As always with the new legends, there comes a list of objectives needed to earn an elite version needed to complete the MichaelVick set. For this one, all four objectives must be completed with Vick – he can’t just be in your line-up.

The four objectives are:

  • 173 Rush Yards in 1 Game
  • 4 Pass TDs, 2 Rush TDs in 1 Game
  • 242 Pass Yds, 130 Rush Yds in 1 Game
  • 4,000 Rush Yards

Vick MUT Objectives

Here’s a strategy for completing the 4,000 yards requirement from a Madden Ultimate Team QA Analyst:

The offensive playbooks that have wildcat formations are the Panthers, Vikings, and Browns.

And if you would rather just buy Vick than completing the set, be prepared to spend some coin. There is currently only one Mike Vick 93 OVR card offered on the X-box One auction house. You will need a mere 4.5 million coins.

Vick MUT Price

I have not decided if I will immediately concede the game if I am matched up with someone who has this card.