Madden NFL 18 News Might Be Imminent

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Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 NEWS!

In an ominous sign Madden NFL 18 news might be imminent, the official EA Sports Madden Facebook and Twitter pages posted the above image along with the message “soon” and this flushed face smilie 😳. It would appear EA has really scaled back their budget on cover art this year opting to go with just a gray helmet and a smoke effect. It turns out the “Madden Curse” has become all too real so many players view being the cover athlete a lot like being selected for Hard Knocks. It’s a sign of bad things to come.

Fans took to Twitter and Facebook to let EA know about everything that needs to be fixed over the next 3 months (hint: nothing will be fixed at launch and there will be a series of patches over the 6 months following launch to “fix” things).

Max asks a legit question but we already know the answer. The answer is MUT.

This one I will never understand. People apparently enjoyed team play?

This guy is an ass…demanding unrealistic tip ball drills not to happen every damn time.

Turning to Facebook, the fans were still begging for NCAA Football 18.

Remember, this game is still several months away and although I know the anticipation of receiving the “can not connect to EA servers at this time” message is very exciting, the focus of this game will be on Madden Ultimate Team. If you are a MUT player, EA shareholders appreciate your donations.

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