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Once upon a time, Madden was a football video game designed to simulate NFL games. Now all your dreams of becoming an up and coming NFL player can come true in the Madden 18 story mode titled “Longshot”. This year might be your only “shot” to play this mode because judging by the reveal at EA Play it’s unlikely to return for Madden NFL 19.

Madden NFL 18 Longshot

Play the story of an NFL prospect’s road to the Draft – on and off the field – in Madden’s first-ever story mode, Longshot.

The trailer below sets up the story of Devin Wade, a former QB for the University of Texas who took a break from the game and is trying to make a final push to make it to an NFL team. In Longshot, you will have the opportunity to experience challenges every young QB faces. Drama with your friends, trash talking linebackers with really high hit power ratings, sports analysts who criticize your game, listening to Dan Marino lecture you, and clichés like “shake and bake” and “when you get knocked down, get back up”.

It is meant to be an interactive, movie-like experience. Raise your hand if you thought what Madden was missing was a story mode.

Somewhere along the way the direction of the Madden experience shifted from gameplay to so many other modes and features. If all of their resources were put into improving the gameplay – imagine what the game could be. Instead, Madden tries to be too many things and it waters down the experience. Franchise mode players want attention spent on that mode. MUT players want more for that mode. There’s a push into competitive Madden so that means development hours have to spent on that. Team play fans have been asking for that mode to make a comeback. Now we have story mode.

It’s not that more content is a bad thing – it’s just the focus of the game should be about making Madden a true NFL simulation experience and some of the persistent issues with gameplay (line play, play recognition by defenders, pass trajectories, penalties, challenging a play to name a few) never seem to be resolved.