Who will draft Leonard Fournette? Check him out in Madden 17

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4/20/17 Update: The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Leonard Fournette with the 4th overall pick. 

Leonard Fournette is expected to be one of the top running backs drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft. He ran the fasted 40 yard dash in NFL history for a 240 lb. running back at 4.51 seconds. Many teams will be interested in him but since he is currently expected to be a top 10 pick only a few teams have a viable shot at drafting him.

The Jacksonville Jaguars with the #4 overall pick are one of the teams taking him on several mock drafts.

Imagine the combination of Leonard Fournette and Cam Newton on the Carolina Panthers. As a Saints and LSU fan, this is the worst thing that could happen.

The Giants could use a boost in their running game and the combination of former LSU players Odell Beckham and Fournette would be deadly. Could the Giants trade up to get him?

Last but not least, what if Fournette were to stay in his hometown of New Orleans and play for the WHO DAT nation. He was asked about it and his response was “it would be a blessing”.

So who’s gonna draft Fournette? Post your answer in the comments and SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel.



How to create Leonard Fournette in Madden 17

Here are the ratings I used to create Leonard Fournette in Madden 17. This rating puts him in line with the overall rating Ezekiel Elliott had for the first official Madden 17 ratings. Fournette comes with a high truck and stiff arm rating but his jumping is one of the lowest among running backs due to his poor performance to at the combine.

For his size and power, this kind of speed and acceleration will make him a very fun player to use in Madden 18, especially if the effectiveness of power backs like LeGarrette Blount in Madden 17 carries over to the next version.

Leonard Fournette Ratings