How to never lose a Madden game like this guy…

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Quarters Prevent Defense Gets Destroyed Before Halftime

EA Sports has been busy promoting their on-going tournament series. Since I’m not a participant, I can’t say I really care much but occasionally I see a highlight on Twitter that makes me LOL. This one was worthy of a blog post.


As outlined in the tweet, the score is 20-20 in the 4th quarter with 8 seconds left on the clock. This guy Bread has the ball and LOS has one job – DO NOT GIVE UP A TOUCHDOWN OR A FG IN 8 SECONDS. What does he call? COVER 2!! I’m not sure which e-book he bought but he should ask for a refund.

How to stop the Hail Mary in Madden 17

Let’s use this man’s loss as a lesson for Madden.

The play to call 100% of the time to stop a Hail Mary or a prevent situation is Quarters 3 Deep – Man Up 3 Deep. I thought everyone knew this. I don’t know that I have ever given up a Hail Mary when this play was called.

3 Man up Deep