Madden NFL 17 Title Update 11: It’s in the game

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Well they’ve done it. EA has perfected Madden based on the limited number of “fixes” in the patch notes below. Interestingly enough, I was playing around in practice mode last night and noticed my right tackle emulating what can only be described as a blocking animation. What’s worse is he was not engaging a defensive player. There might need to be a patch to the title update.

It is still somewhat surprising to see any updates this late in the season but since MUT continues to drive their sales growth, why not.

EA announced the following patch notes on their Facebook page:

· Fixed a bug where the offensive tackle would play a blocking animation without engaging with a defensive player
· Addressed a bug that caused the gameplay speed inside of Gauntlet, Skills Trainer, and Franchise Game Planning Drills to be extremely slow
Madden Ultimate Team
· Addressed a bug where a user’s profile settings weren’t being honored in Play-a-Friend games
· For online MUT and Draft Champions games, the 3-letter team name shown in the score hud will now represent the first 3 letters of your team name just as it does in Solo Challenges
· To update this, you can enter Madden Ultimate Team, go to the “Team” tab and choose the Rename Team tile
· Addressed the issue where declining a Live Commentary Update (LCU) and powering on from rest mode could cause significant lag in the menus and in-game
· Other minor stability improvements