Madden Bowl Champ fined for racist tweeting

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Madden Bowl Champ Fined

After having won $75,000 in the Madden Bowl and an opportunity to stand by two females while making gang signs, Madden Bowl Champ “Dubby” has been fined $3,000 by EA for failing to follow their code of conduct policy. Being suddenly thrust into Madden celebrity status comes at a price.

It turns out EA Sports doesn’t want to be affiliated with people who tweet using the “N” word. After asking Dubby to refrain from said behavior, he continued “tweeting”. Matt Marcou, the Madden Competitive Gaming Commissioner posted a letter addressing the controversy to the Madden community.

Madden Bowl Champ Fined


Lesson learned. If you find yourself winning an official Madden tourney, be a good boy on Twitter.

EA Double Standard?

I understand EA wanting to keep their brand and image as clean as possible so they fine the guy $3k and try to put a stop his “bad” behavior. I find it somewhat ironic that the “N” word is offensive when used by Dubby but not when it’s used by so called artists such as 2 Chains and Lil Wayne in the song “Bounce” featured on the Madden NFL 17 soundtrack.

I’m really rappin’, no finger snappin’, I’m pistol packin’
Y’all niggas slippin’, my swag is drippin’, so here’s a napkin
What’s really happnin’ bro? – Bounce – 2 Chains feat. Lil Wayne

If you simply edit out the bad words and use the clean version for the game everything is cool right?

Here’s another lyrical riff from YG featured in the song “Why you Always Hatin”:

I’m a star like Moesha’s nigga
Runnin’ up the numbers like Ayesha’s nigga
Yeah, I be slidin’, I be creepin’, nigga
Girls these days, they just don’t know how to keep a nigga
But I got it all handled
They try to box me in, I got my own angles, yeah
I’ma spend the summer gettin’ to the cake
And I’ma wish a nigga would on every candle – Why You Always Hatin’? YG feat. Drake and Kamaiyah

So there you have it. If you are a rapper using the “N” word we will support and pay you for your “art”. If you are a racist with a twitter account you are fined. I would love to see EA treat both of these groups the same if they are going to take a stand on this issue.