2017 NFL Draft: Rookies React to being in Madden

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These rookies act like they never knew Madden had a create-a-player mode. I’ve been creating myself in Madden for years. I don’t know what the big deal is.

OK first up we have the new Jacksonville Jaguar Leonard Fournette.

The 2nd man you see howling is Takkarist McKinley of the Atlanta Falcons who is also notorious for using the f-bomb while showing raw emotion.

Moving on, Mr. “I been dreamin about dat” is Garrett Bolles who was drafted by the Denver Broncos while holding a baby.

Is that John “speed cheese” Ross? Sure to  be one of the cheesiest players in Madden 18. All Jamal Adams can do is laugh.

Coming up next: Players react to their Madden 18 ratings. My guess is they will all think they are rated too low.