Ultimate Guide to the 46 Defense in Madden: Stopping the Run

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Stopping the RunThe 46 normal formation is one of the best to use when it comes to stopping the run. As briefly discussed in my last post about the personnel needed for a 46 defense, the strong safety plays down “in the box” to provide additional run support. To stop the run, the default play of choice is the 46 Normal Cover 2 Invert. You want to use the base package which has linebackers subbed in, not the speed package!

Stopping the Run with 46 Normal – Cover 2 Invert

The default play works really well against stopping the run. All I do is spread the linebackers. You don’t have to base align or shift the d-line around….just spread the linebackers.

Step 1: Spread Linebackers

Step 2: User FS

I typically prefer to user the MLB but in this play the FS is in the zone covering the middle of the field. It is up to you if you want to user the FS or stick with the MLB.

Watch out for play action and the deep middle of the field post routes. You can get burned very easily if you move the FS up to the line of scrimmage and bite on play action.

In the video below I show a few examples of different run plays that are shut down by this defense. There will be times that a run gets through but that can happen with any defense. This play have proven to me it can stop the run consistently in key situations. Obviously, it also helps if you have a good defensive line and linebackers.

46 Normal – Fire Zone 3

Another play I run is the fire zone 3 play. By default, the LOLB is the blitzing LB but you can flip the play to have the ROLB blitz. I like to have the blitzing LB on the strong side of the offensive line (most of the time on the right side of the screen).

Set-up: Slant d-line to the outside

This play can works well against the run and against play action. Make sure you PASS COMMIT so your linebacker does not bite on the play action play.

Stop the run

Still having problems stopping the run?

Post in the comments section below if you are still having problems and we will troubleshoot the issue for you.