Ultimate Guide to the 46 Defense in Madden: Running Cover 2 Man

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This is the second post in a series covering the 46 defense in Madden. The first post explained the personnel needed to run the 46 defense in Madden.

A couple of Maddens ago the developers in their infinite wisdom decided to remove the most basic man coverage play from the 46 normal: the cover 2 man. Almost every formation has cover 2 man so why the 46 was singled out is beyond me. It is still possible to run the cover 2 man but you need to be running a playbook with the 46 Bear Under formation and the 46 Normal formation. Both of these formations are found in the 46 playbook or you can just create a custom playbook.

When to use the 46 Normal Speed Package

The speed package out of the 46 normal subs out the two outside linebackers (LOLB and ROLB) for the 3rd and 4th CB on the depth chart. When you are running man coverage you don’t want an 80-85 speed linebacker matched up a on 90+ speed WR. The only time I would run man coverage with linebackers is if the offense’s personnel is shown as just 2 WR. Even then, there are some fast tight ends that can burn you and man coverage is fairly weak to begin with in Madden 17.

Wait to see how many receivers your opponent is bringing out before you commit to the speed package.

How to Run Cover 2 Man out of the 46 Normal Speed Package

Now that you have the speed package on the field you can run cover 2 man by calling an audible to the 46 Bear Under Cover 2 Man Play.

Simply call an audible and then press left on the d-pad to change formations and then call the play. Now you have 4 CB’s in man coverage, just like you would in a dime package, but they are playing tight on the line of scrimmage and the safety is down in the box.

I will mix this play in from time to time so my opponent knows I’m not just running Cover 2 and Cover 3 zone defense. Once I show them the man coverage out of this package a couple of times I will start playing around with the coverage.

I will typically leave the two outside CB’s in man and then audible the two inside CB’s into purple zones and cover the middle of the field with my linebackers. If they are hitting the flats you can use blue zones instead of purples. What’s great about this is it still looks like you are in man coverage before the play so your opponent is going to get confused.