How to Stop the Gun Split Close HB Wheel

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SHotgun Split Close

The Shotgun Split HB Wheel scheme isn’t new to Madden 18 but people are still running it a ton in ranked games. It can be very frustrating to try to stop because it seems like someone is always open. I have had some success slowing it down in the Dollar 3-2-6 formation.

Check out the list of defensive formations in Madden 18 to find out which playbooks include the Dollar formation.

The first area your opponent will attack is the flats because most people tend to use a base cover 3 defense which leaves the flats vulnerable unless you make adjustments to cover the “hard flats”.

My first set-up is good for locking down the flats.

Check out the video and the detailed descriptions of each play below.

#1) Stopping the HB Wheel with Dollar – DB Fire 2

Dollar DB Fire 2

This play sends 2 CB’s from the edge. Since the HB Wheel play has both running backs running routes by default, bringing pressure will force the QB to make a decision to get rid of the ball quickly. Lure them into believing the flats will be open before you use this play. After they get comfortable dumping it to the flats, mix this play in and catch them off-guard.


  • Slant Defensive Line Inside
  • Press
  • QB Contain

Optional: Make underneath coverage adjustment

I like to user one of the linebacker and cover the middle/deep middle of the field. Watch the post route!

#2) Stopping the HB Wheel with Dollar – Cover 4 QB Contain

Cover 4 QB Contain

This is another solid zone play to work into your defense – it works great against other plays and formations in addition to the Shotgun Split Close HB Wheel.

Use this play to stop the deeper routes and you can manually make adjustments to the flats depending on if your opponent favors throwing to the left or the right side of the field.


None required

Optional: Adjust the purple zones to cover the hard flats to protect against the HB routes

Manually cover the deep middle of the field to protect against the post route

#3) Stopping the HB Wheel with Dollar – Cover 4 QB Contain

Cover 2 Sink LB Blitz

This last play does a good job covering the middle of the field and the flats but is vulnerable to the deep post route (the X receiver). If you can manually cover the middle of the field with the MLB – you can get some pressure. The contain from the defensive ends helps open up the gap for the blitzing linebacker to get through.


The dollar does a good job of getting the right personnel on the field to protect against the run and the pass out of the Gun Split Close. Mixing in these three plays can confuse your opponent, especially if they rely on the flats out of this HB Wheel play.