Madden 18 Defensive Playbook Formations List

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Defensive Playbook FormationsIf you are looking for the list of formations for each ¬†defensive playbook in Madden 18 you have come to the right place. Maybe your online franchise doesn’t allow custom playbooks so you have to use a stock playbook. Use the list below to find the playbook that has all the formations you like.

Use the search bar to filter the results by a specific formation by typing in a specific formation such as “46 normal” to find which playbooks have the 46 normal formation.

There are really no new formations added to the defensive playbooks this year. Some of the biggest changes came to the 49ers, Bills, and Chargers playbooks as these teams moved from a 3-4 base defense to a 4-3.

Make sure you check out the list of offensive formations in Madden 18.

Madden 18 Defensive Playbook Formation List

Arizona Cardinals3-4 Bear
Arizona Cardinals3-4 Even
Arizona Cardinals3-4 Odd
Arizona Cardinals3-4 Over
Arizona Cardinals3-4 Under
Arizona Cardinals4-4 Split
Arizona CardinalsBig Dime 1-4-6
Arizona CardinalsBig Dime 2-3-6
Arizona CardinalsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Arizona CardinalsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Arizona CardinalsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Arizona CardinalsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Arizona CardinalsNickel Normal
Arizona CardinalsQuarter 1-3-7
Arizona CardinalsQuarter 3 Deep
Arizona CardinalsQuarter Normal
Atlanta Falcons4-3 Normal
Atlanta Falcons4-3 Over
Atlanta Falcons4-3 Over Plus
Atlanta Falcons4-3 Under
Atlanta Falcons4-3 Wide 9
Atlanta Falcons46 Bear Under
Atlanta FalconsDime Normal
Atlanta FalconsDollar 3-2-6
Atlanta FalconsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Atlanta FalconsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Atlanta FalconsNickel Double A Gap
Atlanta FalconsNickel Normal
Atlanta FalconsNickel Wide 9
Atlanta FalconsQuarter 3 Deep
Atlanta FalconsQuarter Normal
Baltimore Ravens3-4 Bear
Baltimore Ravens3-4 Even
Baltimore Ravens3-4 Odd
Baltimore Ravens3-4 Over Ed
Baltimore Ravens3-4 Predator
Baltimore Ravens4-4 Split
Baltimore RavensBig Dime 2-3-6
Baltimore RavensBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Baltimore RavensGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Baltimore RavensGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Baltimore RavensNickel 2-4-5
Baltimore RavensNickel 3-3-5
Baltimore RavensNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Baltimore RavensNickel Normal
Baltimore RavensQuarter 1-3-7
Baltimore RavensQuarter 3 Deep
Baltimore RavensQuarter Normal
Buffalo Bills4-3 Normal
Buffalo Bills4-3 Over
Buffalo Bills4-3 Over Plus
Buffalo Bills4-3 Under
Buffalo Bills4-3 Wide 9
Buffalo Bills5-2 Normal
Buffalo BillsDime Normal
Buffalo BillsDollar 3-2-6
Buffalo BillsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Buffalo BillsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Buffalo BillsNickel Double A Gap
Buffalo BillsNickel Normal
Buffalo BillsNickel Wide 9
Buffalo BillsQuarter 1-3-7
Buffalo BillsQuarter 3 Deep
Buffalo BillsQuarter Normal
Carolina Panthers4-3 Normal
Carolina Panthers4-3 Over
Carolina Panthers4-3 Over Plus
Carolina Panthers4-3 Under
Carolina Panthers4-3 Wide 9
Carolina Panthers5-2 Normal
Carolina PanthersDime Normal
Carolina PanthersDollar 3-2-6
Carolina PanthersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Carolina PanthersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Carolina PanthersNickel Double A Gap
Carolina PanthersNickel Normal
Carolina PanthersNickel Wide 9
Carolina PanthersQuarter 3 Deep
Carolina PanthersQuarter Normal
Chicago Bears3-4 Bear
Chicago Bears3-4 Even
Chicago Bears3-4 Odd
Chicago Bears3-4 Over
Chicago Bears3-4 Under
Chicago BearsBig Dime 2-3-6
Chicago BearsBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Chicago BearsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Chicago BearsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Chicago BearsNickel 2-4-5
Chicago BearsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Chicago BearsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Chicago BearsNickel Normal
Chicago BearsQuarter 1-3-7
Chicago BearsQuarter 3 Deep
Chicago BearsQuarter Normal
Cincinnati Bengals4-3 Normal
Cincinnati Bengals4-3 Over
Cincinnati Bengals4-3 Over Plus
Cincinnati Bengals4-3 Under
Cincinnati Bengals4-3 Wide 9
Cincinnati Bengals46 Normal
Cincinnati BengalsDime Normal
Cincinnati BengalsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Cincinnati BengalsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Cincinnati BengalsNickel 3-3-5
Cincinnati BengalsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Cincinnati BengalsNickel Double A Gap
Cincinnati BengalsNickel Normal
Cincinnati BengalsQuarter 3 Deep
Cincinnati BengalsQuarter Normal
Cleveland Browns4-3 Normal
Cleveland Browns4-3 Over
Cleveland Browns4-3 Over Plus
Cleveland Browns4-3 Under
Cleveland Browns4-3 Wide 9
Cleveland Browns4-4- Split
Cleveland BrownsDime Normal
Cleveland BrownsDollar 3-2-6
Cleveland BrownsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Cleveland BrownsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Cleveland BrownsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Cleveland BrownsNickel Double A Gap
Cleveland BrownsQuarter 3 Deep
Cleveland BrownsQuarter Normal
Dallas Cowboys4-3 Normal
Dallas Cowboys4-3 Over
Dallas Cowboys4-3 Over Plus
Dallas Cowboys4-3 Under
Dallas Cowboys4-3 Wide 9
Dallas Cowboys46 Bear
Dallas CowboysDime Normal
Dallas CowboysDollar 3-2-6
Dallas CowboysGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Dallas CowboysGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Dallas CowboysNickel Double A Gap
Dallas CowboysNickel Wide 9
Dallas CowboysQuarter 3 Deep
Dallas CowboysQuarter Normal
Denver Broncos3-4 Even
Denver Broncos3-4 Odd
Denver Broncos3-4 Over
Denver Broncos3-4 Solid
Denver Broncos3-4 Under
Denver BroncosBig Dime 1-4-6
Denver BroncosBig Dime 2-3-6
Denver BroncosBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Denver BroncosGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Denver BroncosGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Denver BroncosNickel 2-4-5
Denver BroncosNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Denver BroncosNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Denver BroncosNickel Normal
Denver BroncosQuarter 1-3-7
Denver BroncosQuarter 3 Deep
Denver BroncosQuarter Normal
Detroit Lions4-3 Normal
Detroit Lions4-3 Over
Detroit Lions4-3 Over Plus
Detroit Lions4-3 Under
Detroit Lions4-3 Wide 9
Detroit Lions5-2 Normal
Detroit LionsDime Normal
Detroit LionsDollar 3-2-6
Detroit LionsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Detroit LionsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Detroit LionsNickel Normal
Detroit LionsNickel Wide 9
Detroit LionsQuarter 3 Deep
Detroit LionsQuarter Normal
Green Bay Packers3-4 Even
Green Bay Packers3-4 Odd
Green Bay Packers3-4 Over
Green Bay Packers3-4 Solid
Green Bay Packers3-4 Under
Green Bay PackersBig Dime 1-4-6
Green Bay PackersBig Dime 2-3-6
Green Bay PackersBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Green Bay PackersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Green Bay PackersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Green Bay PackersNickel 2-4-5
Green Bay PackersNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Green Bay PackersNickel 3-3-5
Green Bay PackersNickel Normal
Green Bay PackersQuarter 1-3-7
Green Bay PackersQuarter 3 Deep
Green Bay PackersQuarter Normal
Houston Texans3-4 Even
Houston Texans3-4 Odd
Houston Texans3-4 Over
Houston Texans3-4 Solid
Houston Texans3-4 Under
Houston TexansBig Dime 2-3-6
Houston TexansBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Houston TexansGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Houston TexansGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Houston TexansNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Houston TexansNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Houston TexansNickel Normal
Houston TexansQuarter 1-3-7
Houston TexansQuarter 3 Deep
Houston TexansQuarter Normal
Indianapolis Colts3-4 Bear
Indianapolis Colts3-4 Even
Indianapolis Colts3-4 Odd
Indianapolis Colts3-4 Over
Indianapolis Colts3-4 Predator
Indianapolis ColtsBig Dime 1-4-6
Indianapolis ColtsBig Dime 2-3-6
Indianapolis ColtsDollar 3-2-6
Indianapolis ColtsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Indianapolis ColtsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Indianapolis ColtsNickel 2-4-5
Indianapolis ColtsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Indianapolis ColtsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Indianapolis ColtsNickel Normal
Indianapolis ColtsQuarter 1-3-7
Indianapolis ColtsQuarter 3 Deep
Indianapolis ColtsQuarter Normal
Jacksonville Jaguars4-3 Normal
Jacksonville Jaguars4-3 Over
Jacksonville Jaguars4-3 Over Plus
Jacksonville Jaguars4-3 Under
Jacksonville Jaguars4-3 Wide 9
Jacksonville Jaguars46 Normal
Jacksonville JaguarsDime Normal
Jacksonville JaguarsDollar 3-2-6
Jacksonville JaguarsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Jacksonville JaguarsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Jacksonville JaguarsNickel Double A Gap
Jacksonville JaguarsNickel Normal
Jacksonville JaguarsNickel Wide 9
Jacksonville JaguarsQuarter 3 Deep
Jacksonville JaguarsQuarter Normal
Kansas City Chiefs3-4 Bear
Kansas City Chiefs3-4 Odd
Kansas City Chiefs3-4 Over
Kansas City Chiefs3-4 Solid
Kansas City Chiefs3-4 Under
Kansas City ChiefsBig Dime 1-4-6
Kansas City ChiefsDime 2-4-6
Kansas City ChiefsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Kansas City ChiefsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Kansas City ChiefsNickel 2-4-5
Kansas City ChiefsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Kansas City ChiefsNickel 3-3-5
Kansas City ChiefsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Kansas City ChiefsNickel Normal
Kansas City ChiefsQuarter 1-3-7
Kansas City ChiefsQuarter 3 Deep
Kansas City ChiefsQuarter Normal
LA Chargers4-3 Normal
LA Chargers4-3 Over
LA Chargers4-3 Over Plus
LA Chargers4-3 Under
LA Chargers4-3 Wide 9
LA Chargers46 Normal
LA ChargersDime Normal
LA ChargersDollar 3-2-6
LA ChargersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
LA ChargersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
LA ChargersNickel Double A Gap
LA ChargersNickel Normal
LA ChargersNickel Wide 9
LA ChargersQuarter 3 Deep
LA ChargersQuarter Normal
LA Rams3-4 Even
LA Rams3-4 Odd
LA Rams3-4 Over
LA Rams3-4 Solid
LA Rams3-4 Under
LA Rams4-4 Split
LA RamsBig Dime 2-3-6
LA RamsBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
LA RamsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
LA RamsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
LA RamsNickel 2-4-5
LA RamsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
LA RamsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
LA RamsNickel Normal
LA RamsQuarter 3 Deep
LA RamsQuarter Normal
Miami Dolphins4-3 Normal
Miami Dolphins4-3 Over
Miami Dolphins4-3 Over Plus
Miami Dolphins4-3 Under
Miami Dolphins4-3 Wide 9
Miami Dolphins46 Bear Under
Miami DolphinsDime Normal
Miami DolphinsDollar 3-2-6
Miami DolphinsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Miami DolphinsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Miami DolphinsNickel Double A Gap
Miami DolphinsNickel Normal
Miami DolphinsQuarter 3 Deep
Miami DolphinsQuarter Normal
Minnesota Vikings4-3 Normal
Minnesota Vikings4-3 Over
Minnesota Vikings4-3 Over Plus
Minnesota Vikings4-3 Under
Minnesota Vikings4-3 Wide 9
Minnesota Vikings46 Normal
Minnesota VikingsDime Normal
Minnesota VikingsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Minnesota VikingsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Minnesota VikingsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Minnesota VikingsNickel Double A Gap
Minnesota VikingsNickel Normal
Minnesota VikingsNickel Wide 9
Minnesota VikingsQuarter 3 Deep
Minnesota VikingsQuarter Normal
New England Patriots3-4 Odd
New England Patriots3-4 Solid
New England Patriots3-4 Under
New England Patriots4-3 Over
New England Patriots4-3 Under
New England PatriotsBig Dime 1-4-6
New England PatriotsBig Dime 2-3-6 Sam
New England PatriotsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
New England PatriotsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
New England PatriotsNickel 2-4-5
New England PatriotsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
New England PatriotsNickel 3-3-5 Odd
New England PatriotsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
New England PatriotsNickel Normal
New England PatriotsQuarter 1-3-7
New England PatriotsQuarter 3 Deep
New England PatriotsQuarter Normal
New Orleans Saints4-3 Normal
New Orleans Saints4-3 Over
New Orleans Saints4-3 Over Plus
New Orleans Saints4-3 Under
New Orleans Saints4-3 Wide 9
New Orleans Saints46 Bear Under
New Orleans SaintsDime Normal
New Orleans SaintsDollar 3-2-6
New Orleans SaintsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
New Orleans SaintsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
New Orleans SaintsNickel Double A Gap
New Orleans SaintsNickel Normal
New Orleans SaintsNickel Wide 9
New Orleans SaintsQuarter 3 Deep
New Orleans SaintsQuarter Normal
New York Giants4-3 Normal
New York Giants4-3 Over
New York Giants4-3 Over Plus
New York Giants4-3 Under
New York Giants4-3 Wide 9
New York Giants5-2 Normal
New York GiantsDime Normal
New York GiantsDollar 3-2-6
New York GiantsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
New York GiantsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
New York GiantsNickel Double A Gap
New York GiantsNickel Normal
New York GiantsNickel Wide 9
New York GiantsQuarter 3 Deep
New York GiantsQuarter Normal
New York Jets3-4 Even
New York Jets3-4 Odd
New York Jets3-4 Over
New York Jets3-4 Solid
New York Jets3-4 Under
New York Jets4-4 Split
New York JetsBig Dime 1-4-6
New York JetsBig Dime 2-3-6
New York JetsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
New York JetsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
New York JetsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
New York JetsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
New York JetsNickel Normal
New York JetsQuarter 1-3-7
New York JetsQuarter 3 Deep
New York JetsQuarter Normal
Oakland Raiders3-4 Odd
Oakland Raiders3-4 Over
Oakland Raiders3-4 Under
Oakland Raiders4-3 Over Plus
Oakland Raiders4-3 Under
Oakland Raiders4-4 Split
Oakland RaidersBig Dime 2-3-6
Oakland RaidersBig Dime 2-3-6 Sam
Oakland RaidersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Oakland RaidersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Oakland RaidersNickel 2-4-5
Oakland RaidersNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Oakland RaidersNickel Double A Gap
Oakland RaidersNickel Normal
Oakland RaidersQuarter 1-3-7
Oakland RaidersQuarter 3 Deep
Oakland RaidersQuarter Normal
Philadelphia Eagles4-3 Normal
Philadelphia Eagles4-3 Over
Philadelphia Eagles4-3 Over Plus
Philadelphia Eagles4-3 Under
Philadelphia Eagles4-3 Wide 9
Philadelphia Eagles4-4 Split
Philadelphia EaglesDime Normal
Philadelphia EaglesDollar 3-2-6
Philadelphia EaglesGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Philadelphia EaglesGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Philadelphia EaglesNickel Double A Gap
Philadelphia EaglesNickel Wide 9
Philadelphia EaglesQuarter 3 Deep
Philadelphia EaglesQuarter Normal
Pittsburgh Steelers3-4 Even
Pittsburgh Steelers3-4 Odd
Pittsburgh Steelers3-4 Over
Pittsburgh Steelers3-4 Solid
Pittsburgh Steelers3-4 Under
Pittsburgh Steelers4-4 Split
Pittsburgh SteelersBig Dime 1-4-6
Pittsburgh SteelersBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Pittsburgh SteelersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Pittsburgh SteelersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Pittsburgh SteelersNickel 2-4-5
Pittsburgh SteelersNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Pittsburgh SteelersNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Pittsburgh SteelersNickel Normal
Pittsburgh SteelersQuarter 1-3-7
Pittsburgh SteelersQuarter 3 Deep
Pittsburgh SteelersQuarter Normal
San Francisco 49ers4-3 Normal
San Francisco 49ers4-3 Over
San Francisco 49ers4-3 Over Plus
San Francisco 49ers4-3 Under
San Francisco 49ers4-3 Wide 9
San Francisco 49ers4-4 Split
San Francisco 49ersDime Normal
San Francisco 49ersDollar 3-2-6
San Francisco 49ersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
San Francisco 49ersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
San Francisco 49ersNickel Double A Gap
San Francisco 49ersNickel Normal
San Francisco 49ersNickel Wide 9
San Francisco 49ersQuarter 3 Deep
San Francisco 49ersQuarter Normal
Seattle Seahawks4-3 Normal
Seattle Seahawks4-3 Over
Seattle Seahawks4-3 Over Plus
Seattle Seahawks4-3 Under
Seattle Seahawks4-3 Wide 9
Seattle Seahawks46 Bear Under
Seattle SeahawksDime Normal
Seattle SeahawksGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Seattle SeahawksGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Seattle SeahawksNickel Double A Gap
Seattle SeahawksNickel Normal
Seattle SeahawksNickel Wide 9
Seattle SeahawksQuarter 3 Deep
Seattle SeahawksQuarter Normal
Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-3 Normal
Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-3 Over
Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-3 Over Plus
Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-3 Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-3 Wide 9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers46 Bear Under
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDime Normal
Tampa Bay BuccaneersDollar 3-2-6
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNickel Double A Gap
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNickel Normal
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNickel Wide 9
Tampa Bay BuccaneersQuarter 3 Deep
Tampa Bay BuccaneersQuarter Normal
Tennessee Titans3-4 Even
Tennessee Titans3-4 Odd
Tennessee Titans3-4 Over
Tennessee Titans3-4 Solid
Tennessee Titans3-4 Under
Tennessee Titans4-4 Split
Tennessee TitansBig Dime 1-4-6
Tennessee TitansBig Dime 2-3-6 Will
Tennessee TitansGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Tennessee TitansGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Tennessee TitansNickel 2-4-5
Tennessee TitansNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Tennessee TitansNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Tennessee TitansNickel Normal
Tennessee TitansQuarter 1-3-7
Tennessee TitansQuarter 3 Deep
Tennessee TitansQuarter Normal
Washington Redskins3-4 Even
Washington Redskins3-4 Odd
Washington Redskins3-4 Over
Washington Redskins3-4 Solid
Washington Redskins3-4 Under
Washington RedskinsBig Dime 1-4-6
Washington RedskinsBig Dime 2-3-6
Washington RedskinsGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Washington RedskinsGoal Line Defense 5-4-2
Washington RedskinsNickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
Washington RedskinsNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Washington RedskinsNickel Normal
Washington RedskinsQuarter 1-3-7
Washington RedskinsQuarter 3 Deep
Washington RedskinsQuarter Normal
4-3 4-3 Normal
4-3 4-3 Under
4-3 4-3 Over
4-3 4-3 Over Plus
4-3 4-3 Wide 9
4-3 4-4 Split
4-3 Nickel Normal
4-3 Nickel Wide 9
4-3 Dime Normal
4-3 Quarter Normal
4-3 Quarter 3 Deep
4-3 Goal Line Defense 5-3-3
4-3 Goal Line Defense 5-4-2
3-43-4 Odd
3-43-4 Under
3-43-4 Over
3-43-4 Even
3-43-4 Solid
3-4Nickel 2-4-5
3-4Nickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap
3-4Nickel 3-3-5 Wide
3-4Big Dime 2-3-6
3-4Big Dime 2-3-6 Sam
3-4Quarter 1-3-7
3-4Quarter 3 Deep
3-4Goal Line Defense 5-3-3
3-4Goal Line Defense 5-4-2
4646 Bear
4646 Bear Under
4646 Normal
463-4 Bear
464-4 Split
46Nickel 3-3-5 Sam
46Nickel 3-3-5 Wide
46Dime Normal
46Dollar 3-2-6
46Quarter Normal
46Quarter 3 Deep
46Goal Line Defense 5-3-3
46Goal Line Defense 5-4-2
Cover 24-3 Normal
Cover 24-3 Under
Cover 24-3 Over
Cover 24-3 Wide 9
Cover 246 Normal
Cover 2Nickel Normal
Cover 2Dime Normal
Cover 2Quarter Normal
Cover 2Quarter 3 Deep
Cover 2Goal Line Defense 5-3-3
Cover 2Goal Line Defense 5-4-2
Multiple D4-3 Normal
Multiple D4-3 Under
Multiple D4-3 Odd
Multiple D3-4 Odd
Multiple D3-4 Solid
Multiple DNickel Normal
Multiple DNickel 3-3-5 Wide
Multiple DDime Normal
Multiple DDollar 3-2-6
Multiple DQuarter Normal
Multiple DQuarter 3 Deep
Multiple DGoal Line Defense 5-3-3
Multiple DGoal Line Defense 5-4-2